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What makes Flower Turbines so different?

Flower Turbines has created an innovative combination of low noise and high efficiency technologies.

Our turbines are ideal for urban and off-the-grid applications. Whether you’re a company wanting to decrease its carbon footprint or an individual who requires energy independence, our product options come in various sizes to fill your needs.


Low Noise

Our products are literally quieter than the wind.

View our noise report below for more details:

The Bouquet Effect

*Formerly known as the "Cluster Effect"

Better Together

Utilizing our patented Bouquet Effect makes each turbine perform even more efficiently when placed close to each other. This means "more zoom in less room" and better use of space.

AverageWatts_Bouquet Effect_Small.png
TotalWatts_Bouquet Effect_Small.png
Red Medium on dock.jpg

Low Starting Speeds

Our turbines begin to rotate at 0.7 m/s. 

Watch our video on Youtube and Vimeo showing the measurement of low wind speed.

Bird Friendliness

Watch our video on Youtube or Vimeo to see birds enjoying our turbines.

Untitled design (6).png
Turbines in Desert Landscape.jpg


Our smallest tulip turbines were put on top of a truck and driven at 120.8 mph (54 m/s) with no problems. This was later replicated with medium tulips.

They even operate in the snow! Click here for a video on Youtube or Vimeo.


Flower Turbines products are easier to zone and enhance the value of your property. For corporations, you can have your colors and logo on your turbine's beautiful surface.

Red Medium Turbine.png

Own your power

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