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Take Back Your Power

From charging your phone when the grid goes out, to powering a data-processing plant, our turbines are beautiful, quiet, and safe for birds.

You'll be proud to own this must-have energy solution.

Our Reg A+ offering is now LIVE and available through StartEngine Primary, LLC.

I'm a Flower Turbines Tulip

      It's ME you're     
                     looking for...

I’m quieter than the wind, with patented design;

Beautiful, preferred by birds, & working rain or shine.

Starting at low wind-speeds, in high-winds I live fine,

Ensuring that my customers have power all the time.

One Small Turbine

Listen to our CEO on CBS Henry Ford's Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca

Outside of the US:

Password: HearstMPG

“The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands attained an eco-art designed turbine in the shape of tulip from Flower Turbines and donated it to ADA University in Azerbaijan aiming to make a concrete contribution towards sustainability and promote sustainable energy use among young generation in Azerbaijan also being committed to the Netherland’s priority in sustainability. That was such a pretty, eye-catching and unique wind turbine with solar panels that generated enormous interest among public in the country. It was broadly circulated in national media. Students liked it very much as now they can easily charge their devices and bikes through that. We enjoyed our cooperation with Flower Turbines, and would like to extend our cooperation with them in our future projects.”​


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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