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*Note: images may not represent the latest model.


These beautiful wind turbines are around 3 meters, or 9 feet, high. They produce around 60 watts each at wind of 6 meters per second (13.4 mph). Standard color is white. Can go on strong flat roofs (check with your civil engineer) or on the ground on a concrete base. Battery not included. This is compatible with the DC battery on a solar PV system.


This product can be used for several different projects. Whether you need supplemental energy alongside your solar install or wind energy for a micro-grid, this is for you. When the sun doesn't shine, the wind is usually always there to help keep your backup batteries charged. You can even install these turbines to power small things such as landscape lighting or garage door openers.

The more you install together, the better each one performs.

Custom Color (+$1,428.57)

Customize your turbine blades to match your business or personal aesthetic. Just enter the RAL or Pantone color, and we'll build your customized turbine.

Bouquet Electronics Upgrade for 1-7 Turbines (+$1,000)

To get the most out of a properly oriented bouquet, upgrade electronics (generator and inverter) to a rated power of 1 Kilowatt.

Bouquet Electronics Upgrade for 8-11 Turbines (+$1,000)
To get the most out of a properly oriented bouquet, upgrade electronics (generator and inverter) to a rated power of 1.5 Kilowatts.

Medium Tulip Wind Turbine (Off-Grid)

Excluding Sales Tax
Be one of the select early adopters to own this model! Delivery with custom color: 4-6 months
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be familiar with the safe and correct installation and operation for all equipment in accordance with local laws and regulations. Flower Turbines has no opportunity to supervise the application, installation, or maintenance of the components used. Therefore, the purchaser agrees by accepting delivery of components and material for Flower Turbines’ turbines usage, that all material and procedures will be used solely at the purchasers' risk. The purchaser will indemnify and hold Flower Turbines,  it's owners, and its employees or representatives free and harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from the alleged failure or defect of any project built using components or publications purchased from Flower Turbines Inc. or any of its employees.

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