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When emergency calls, you can answer.

Our smallest model's modest but lifesaving goals are to enable you to recharge your phone, heat an electric blanket, etc. A 1.15-meter high turbine with electronics to recharge a 12-volt battery pack. Price does not include installation or battery. This is the turbine used in the survival unit but you can also install it in a fixed position on the ground.


This is a high-quality product. Our engineers designed it to start spinning at very low speeds but endure very high speeds. Click here for the video of it surviving a truck run at 120 miles per hour with no problems.

*Note: images may not represent the latest model.

With Extended 3' Pole (+$192.43)
A three-foot (0.9 meter) galvanized pole for elevated installments.

With Extended 6' Pole (+$223.64)

A six-foot (1.83 meter) galvanized pole for elevated installments.


Custom Color (+$142.86)

Customize your turbine blades to match your business or personal aesthetic. Just enter the RAL or Pantone color, and we'll build your customized turbine.

Small Tulip Wind Turbine (Off-Grid)

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 1.15-meter blade height turbine
    • 0.55 meters in diameter
    • Made to connect to 12 volt solar batteries such as Jackery or Rockpals, etc. (not included) to provide small amounts of emergency power and comes with the electronics to do that
    • Battery not included
    • 5-10 watts of power at 6 meter per second (12 miles per hour) winds
    • Standard color is white
    • Must be anchored to a solid platform such as a concrete pad
    • This product has been successfully tested at over 110 miles per hour! **turbine and electronics only**

    This is perfect for when the grid fails and you need clean electricity to charge your phone or other small appliance. This will also help when your backup generators do not since there are often diesel supply issues during natural disasters. Since blackouts often occur during these disasters, the system could provide 30-50 watts of power at high winds. This could be a life saver.

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