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*Note: images may not represent the latest model.

This is a set of 3 small turbines (1.15 meter high blades) in a bouquet that connect into a single inverter that supplies the grid in your business or home. The group is perfect for supplementing other renewable energies in high-wind areas. Shipping rates may vary. When ready to ship, we will give you the updated cost.


Price does not include installation, and they need to be professionally installed. Perfect for flat or near-flat rooftops or on ground level. 

Comes with electronics to recharge a 12-volt battery pack.

On-Grid (+$285.72)
Connect into a single inverter that supplies energy to the grid in your home or business.

With Extended 3' Poles (+$577.29 for 3)

A set of three-foot (0.9 meter) galvanized poles for elevated installments.

With Extended 6' Poles (+$670.92 for 3)
A set of six-foot (1.83 meter) galvanized poles for elevated installments.

Custom Color (+$428.58 for 3)

Customize your turbine blades to match your business or personal aesthetic. Just enter the RAL or Pantone color, and we'll build your customized turbine.

Small Tulip Wind Turbine: Bouquet of 3

Excluding Sales Tax
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be familiar with the safe and correct installation and operation for all equipment in accordance with local laws and regulations. Flower Turbines has no opportunity to supervise the application, installation, or maintenance of the components used. Therefore, the purchaser agrees by accepting delivery of components and material for Flower Turbines’ turbines usage, that all material and procedures will be used solely at the purchasers' risk. The purchaser will indemnify and hold Flower Turbines,  it's owners, and its employees or representatives free and harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from the alleged failure or defect of any project built using components or publications purchased from Flower Turbines Inc. or any of its employees.

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