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Our founder, Dr. Daniel Farb is an expert in small wind energy and has been honored as an innovator in the energy industry

About the Wind

Velocity Contour Analysis

Average Wind Speed

Formula for Wind Energy

Watts Explanation

Understanding Flower Turbines

Technology Background of the 2-Bladed Wind Tulip

Bouquet Effect demo - three Small Tulip Turbines

Flower Turbines' Unique Technology Simulated (Velocity Contour)

​How to use Wind

Combining Wind and Solar

Using Wind & Solar together


Finding the Price of Electricity

Weather Related Major Power Outages Since 2000 Texas


Medium Turbine Concrete Dimensions

Large Turbine Concrete Dimensions

Installation Manual for the ZW Pole

Installing a Z or ZW pole

Getting a Flower Turbine

How Many Turbines Will Power A House?

On grid and Off grid systems

Measure Your Wind Speed

Sound Test Report

Limited Five-Year Warranty

Finances and Economics

The Case for Small Wind Turbines on the Grid

Winter Weather Major Power Outages

When Buying a Turbine

The Cost Per Kilowatt Trap

Inflation Reduction Act

Specs & Brochures

Turbine Products Overview

Large Turbine

EU Brochure

Survival Unit

AL13 Power Tower

Microgrids - Trifold Brochure

Small Tulip Turbine

EU Sun & Wind Model (ZW)

Recycling Exhaust - Trifold Brochure

Medium Tulip Turbine

Eco-Roof Energy Hub

Flower Turbines Charts and Graphs

Kilowatt Hours per year

Power Curve of Medium Turbine

Individual Output In Watts Per Hour

Medium Power By Number

Power Curve of Two Small Turbines


Reg CF Annual Report

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