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United States

The Windy South Plains of Texas

Our U.S. operations are located in Lubbock, Texas. Situated on the windy South Plains, our facility is home to more than a dozen employees and equipped to manufacture our products.

Optimal Location for Wind Energy

Lubbock, Texas, was chosen as Flower Turbines’ headquarters because of its high average wind speeds, proximity to Texas Tech University, as well as expansive land opportunities.

Part of our vision for the U.S. market includes micro-grid technology. The combination of wind and solar ensures optimal energy harvesting at all times, all year.

For those who value independence, read our microgrid brochure to see how you can go off the grid.

Proudly Wildlife-Friendly

Typcially, wind energy projects interfere with wildlife habitats. Flower Turbines designs products with our furry and feathered friends in mind.

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