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Looking for sustainable solutions? You're in the right place.

Bird Safe.

Learn More about the benefits of our Wind Turbines.

Have a project in mind?

For simple projects, make your purchase above. For more complex projects, or to see if you would benefit from a consultation with our electrician or executives, give us some background information to get started:

This store is currently intended for purchases made in North America. We are happy to ship to South America, Australia, and New Zealand with a minimum purchase order of $15k. Contact for more info. The displayed prices are not intended for customers in the EU. Our EU customers can reach out to our Netherlands facility at for sales and inquiries.

Products sold in the USA are majority made and assembled in the USA. In Europe, they are majority made in Europe. We are working to provide local jobs and quicker access for our customers in each major region that we operate.

We would like to give you some guidance as to what to buy. First: do you want to charge batteries and be independent of the grid? Then shop for off grid. Do you want to feed into your house or business and excess goes to the utility? Then shop on grid. Second: The cluster effect is very powerful. Buying more in effect generates a bigger and bigger discount because of the increase in power production. To pick the right product for on-grid, we sell the smallest turbine in groups of 3 for high wind areas and 5 for low wind areas: In general, a high wind area is an average of 5 m/s or higher or areas where there are many times of the year with high speed winds. (Examples are the western Midwest of the US, many mountainous areas, and most seashore regions of the world exposed to the sea breeze.) In general, a low wind speed area is below 5 m/s average. (An example would be areas of the US Southeast that are neither on the seashore or mountains.) We are explaining this to save you money, because when you buy a group, we can use one inverter for the group to connect to the grid. This saves you money on equipment and installation. The same concept applies to the larger turbines, but it is more important for the small ones because, in low winds, their thresholds for producing power are lower.

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