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The Large Tulip Wind Turbine

The Large Tulip Wind Turbine is our biggest tulip turbine to date. With a 5-meter blade height, the Large Turbine can provide power to commercial properties, such as:

  • Malls

  • Data Centers

  • Schools

  • Municipalities

  • Warehouses

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Width: 1.79 ft. (545.592 mm)
Height: 6 m (19.685 ft)
Blade Height: 5 m (16.404 ft)

Total Weight: 1000 kg (2204.62 lbs)
Blade material: Fiberglass
Cut-in Wind Speed: 0.7 m/s (1.57 mph)
Max Survival Wind Speed: 54 m/s (120.8 mph)
Design Life: 20 Years (Must be checked annually)
Get a 30% Tax Credit from
The Residential Clean Energy Credit

Need Financing?

PNC Bank is interested in working with Flower Turbines customers. They are offering Unsecured Small Business Loans of $20,000-100,000 without collateral — contact them directly.

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The prices listed are only for the US and countries outside of the EU. Customers in the EU, please reach out to for more information.

Large Tulip Wind Turbine: Pre-Order (Off-Grid)
Large Tulip Wind Turbine: Pre-Order (On-Grid)
Large Tulip Wind Turbine: Custom Color Blades

Ready to join the revolution?

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