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Welcome to the site of the best small wind turbines you can find. 

Our turbines are loaded with technology and fine design. It can be a little difficult to understand how to get wind turbines, so here are some important pointers:

Choosing Your Model

Flower Turbines offers a variety of options to meet your energy production needs.

Click the product name or summary in the box below to learn more about that item.

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Number of Turbines

One of the biggest advantages of our turbines is the bouquet effect—the turbines each perform better the larger the number of units. This is a game changer that should change your thinking about a project from getting a single turbine to getting a large number of them.

In fact, because of the costs of connecting to the grid with inverters, we recommend that small purchases be used for off-grid battery charging, lighting, etc. It is a common misconception that getting one or two small ones will power a home or business. It is no different from asking whether one solar panel will power your home or business.

The red, higher velocity areas show how the Bouquet Effect works — by driving wind tunnels into adjacent turbines.


Going Off-Grid

Some great off-grid uses for charged batteries include LED lights, motion detectors, Halloween decorations, etc.

You can take your home or business off-grid with the right combination of wind, solar, and batteries. The first two steps are:

1. Find out how many kilowatt hours you use each month throughout the whole year and knowing your resources: wind speed and direction and solar irradiation.

2. Measure the dimensions of your roof and the open parts of your property.


If you need help with this, see our assets and education page first, and then you can fill out the Project Detail Form and pay for a consultation if you exhaust our initial free help due to a complex project.

Feeding the Grid

For on-grid packages, you need a good inverter, and these are usually a relatively high expense within the project. We highly recommend getting more than the minimum of turbines:


In the US, we like the Sol-Ark inverters and they are UL certified, but they only start at 5 kilowatts and require a 48 volt smart battery, so they only make sense with an order of

at least:

In the EU, a small company makes custom inverters for us. It can combine two medium turbines or 3 small ones fairly cost-effectively. That should be the minimum purchase for on-grid use.


Other Tips

  • Safety First:

    • When you install the turbines, remember safety! They should all have limited access with protection, whether surrounded by a fence on the ground or access limited to the building staff if on a commercial roof.

  • Understanding Cost-Effectiveness:

    • It is rare that a project will be cost effective if the average wind speed is less than 5 meters per second  (11 miles per hour), but there are exceptions! For example: off-grid diesel fuel is very expensive, and it is easy for a wind project to be more cost effective. Other needs that make up for this include but are not limited to supplementing solar panels by adding additional power at night.

    • The larger the turbine, the more efficient and cost-effective it becomes. In making a cost-effective project, use the largest turbine you can manage, and take best advantage of the bouquet effect by putting "more zoom in less room".

    • As explained above, the more turbines that go into a bouquet, the more cost-effective the project becomes.

    • If you get the Power Tower, it will be more effective the more stack modules you get.

  • Shipping:

    • We charge shipping at the time we are ready to ship. Costs have been volatile for the last few years and we can’t predict them.

    • We have a policy of 100% down payment before we manufacture or prepare your turbine for shipping. 

    • We will handle US shipping, shipping to other countries must be secured by the customer.

  • Locations:

    • There are many locations where you probably don't have to measure your wind or do much investigation as to whether it will make sense. Almost all coasts (Including many inland lakes) for up to about 1 kilometer inland if exposed to the sea breeze are good. Many mountainous areas are good. Almost the entire western Midwest from western Texas through Canada has excellent wind. Most of northern Europe has excellent wind. Even in an area of low wind, height, such as the top of a skyscraper, can mean good wind.

  • Purchasing: 

    • Purchase requests in the EU go to the EU office at

    • Purchase requests almost anywhere else go through our US office at If we have an exclusive distributor in your area, we will let you know.

    • Please see our price list for the US and most countries outside of the EU.

    • Minimum purchase outside North America and the EU is $20,000. We do not sell in general to certain low-cost countries such as India and China since we plan on setting up production there and you are unlikely now to pay Western prices.

    • All clients should read the website’s educational resources and FAQs to have questions answered before contacting our staff.

    • Flower Turbines aims to identify and solve customer needs. If you have already filled out the project detail form and met with our team, but still have more pre-purchase questions that require extra time from our innovators, executives, or engineers; we offer expert consultations at a fee of $50 per half hour.

    • If you have a project, small or whether it's small or large (excluding the purchase of the Survival Unit, or a few Small Turbines for battery charging), kindly suggest filling out the “Project Detail Form”. This form helps us gather essential information necessary for assisting you effectively. So, in your upcoming 15-30 minutes consulting meeting with our team, we can ensure it's the most effective use of your time.

  • Financing: 

    • We have a resource available in the US for those purchasing up to $100,000. PNC National Bank can, in some cases, offer you a loan. Learn more here.

    • Save money by paying via ACH or wire transfer. We charge a 5% convenience fee for card payments.

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